The sun shone down on a green and pleasant land as my taxi driver, Reiner and I drove around a blue blue lake ringed by distant blue blue peaks.  Destination, Lindau, a medieval walled town nestled on a small pedestrian-only island.  Fluffy clouds ringed the lake and for a moment an overwhelming sadness came over me.  I thought of the marred beauty of Lebanon.  We could have these vistas if it were not for the concrete fortresses built shoulder to shoulder from one end of the country to the other.  Neon lights and garbage littered roads.  Sometimes I wonder if what you see on a daily basis has an effect on your psyche and your soul.  I was drinking in the vistas and the unbelievable greenery as if I was starved for it.  I turned to Reiner and God knows why I asked him how long he had been driving for a living.  Oh, he said, only a few years.  What did you before I asked?  I used to teach and perform Eurythmie he said.  Eurythmie?  It is a Rudolph Steiner concept, an art, a new performance art where physical gestures relate to sounds and rhythms of speech, music and to the souls experiences.  Oh…kay.  Have you ever thought when you ask a question that you should have kept your mouth shut?  But the universe has other thoughts and somehow it wants you to listen or partake in this particular conversation with this particular messenger….even when you don’t really want to!

To be fair Reiner was extremely eloquent in his broken English about what Eurythmie is and does – basically – so you’re not bored shitless – it is how to become a true human being not the pale imitation of actuality.  A true human being…hmmm…does that begin with fasting I say…well I can hope can’t I?  Made the journey to Lindau awfully interesting especially when Reiner began to translate the first five paragraphs of the Gospel of St John ‘In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God…’ into his very broken English.   It seems dear old Rudolph based his concept on the meaning behind the opening words of the Gospel of St John.  The car swerved a few times when he couldn’t find the words but we made it to Lindau.  I hope my hurried exit and limping run into the crowd didn’t insult him but somehow after the past few months of trial and pain I didn’t want to hear what more painful things it took to become a true human being.

The trip around the lake did make me feel more human if that is any consolation and put a smile on my face.  But darn it I had to go on the net and research Eurythmie.  Sneaky, very sneaky Reiner.  Next time I am not tipping.


Was it good for you?

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