Creative media writer, director, producer, traditional and digital media content analyst and entrepreneur.

Since 1994 I have written , directed and produced over 500 shows in many genres from documentary series, public sector informational and promotional films to cooking shows and a variety of factual entertainment series. I am the co-founder of two productions companies and a footage licensing company, managing very large teams and multiple projects in different media sectors.


Co-Founder TRIARC, a footage licensing platform specialising in Middle East and North Africa video clips.

TRIARC is a video licensing platform providing access to a vast and unique library of video clips from over 20 countries in the Middle East and North Africa. TRIARC’s footage offers unique insight into the region’s rugged beauty, rich cultural heritage, current affairs and the vibrant contrasts between modern and traditional life.



Co-Founder Firehorse, an independent production company specialising in documentaries, factual entertainment, public sector and corporate media programmes.

As Chief Creative Officer I wrote, directed and produced over 500 documentary films, factual entertainment series for regional and European broadcasters, corporations and the Middle East Public Sector. Programme subjects ranged from history, archaeology, politics, biographies, current affairs to cooking shows, health, fitness and beauty to promos and government and NGO information films.



In 2019, I started writing my first fiction novel

Spurred on by her infertility, writer-director Hope Habib delves into her grandfather’s mysterious past looking for meaning in her life and instead discovers that the act of creation is not limited to the womb. Vulcanus is the story of a woman looking for existential answers and finding a lot more than she bargained for as the past and the present intertwine across four continents, a world war, an illicit love affair and the discovery of a molecule that could change the course of history.