My writing, ghostwriting and editing services provide authors, content creators and web content providers with everything they need to get published. I work with film scripts, novels (all genres), non-fiction, memoirs, academic articles and blogs. I am also available for coaching and story mastery seminars in documentary filmmaking.

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For writing services please contact me: mouna@mounamounayer.com


Boom! is a bittersweet dystopia, an apocalyptic tale of human greed and selfishness laced with dark humour and a glimmer of hope. The erotic novel, The Elsewhere, is a connoisseur’s invitation to explore the infinite varieties of love.

“Mouna adapted two novels, Boom and The Elsewhere, from the original French into the language of Shakespeare and Tarantino, blending styles and rhythms and reproducing–line by line–the essence, spirit, and melody of the original French versions, with all their nuances and subtleties. She was always receptive to comments and requests from the authors and the publisher. Mouna is well versed in the possibilities of the English language to make the dreams of any author wanting to adapt their books into English come true.”

Youssef Germanos, CEO Eukalypto Publishing

“As an archaeologist, one dreams of proofreading & editing of one’s articles by someone with a sound understanding of the subject and high writing skills. Therefore, the services offered by Mouna Mounayer are just perfect and highly recommended: besides grammar problems; she recognizes syntactical issues and really helps improve the quality of any paper in the fields of archaeology and history.”

Dr Julia Budka, Professor of Egyptian Archaeology and Art History, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich

“I confirm that the copy-editing by Mouna Mounayer for the volume, Egypt and the Levant XXXI, was excellent work and most useful in securing the high-quality level of the journal. We would like to thank Mouna very much for her effectiveness, thoroughness and cooperativeness. It was a pleasure to work with her.”

Dr. Ernst Czerny, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Member of the editorial board of the Egypt and the Levant Journal

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