I am neither a mad dog nor a man and only half English at that but sometimes I feel like I have tarried too long in the midday sun.  Beirut in the midday sun in July is hot, humid and divine – if you’re looking from a distance.
Close up the city is awash with sweat, noise, pollution,  bleating car horns, angry drivers and harried film-makers.  Harried, grumpy and bad-tempered.  I’ve been sitting in the traffic for two hours after having my stitches removed.  I have been at home for over three months with a herniated disk pressing on my the sciatic nerve of my right leg.  This is the second herniation I have had in less than a year – in the same disk.  Long story short, had the operation, bought the t-shirt, re-wrote the book (on how I must live the rest of my life) and decided to give blogging a go.  The herniated disk actually got me blogging to family and friends when I went off to a clinic in southern Germany for three weeks to lose weight and do some therapy on my back in the hope that I could avoid a second operation. You can read the Buchinger Klinik Diaries in a separate post.

So here I am creating my first blog with nary a clue about tags, posts, pages, categories, links stats, dashboards et al.  It’s not that I haven’t read blogs or love some bloggers but I have never stopped to think how it is all created and what an effort people put into their blogs.  It is not just the writing which is hard enough – to come up with topics everyday or week that people will like reading and following – but the behind scenes, the creation of the blog framework, if you will,  is a story in itself.  So I did what any producer worth his or her salt would do I called up the people who I thought would know how to do it and got them to explain it to me.  Oh yeah, that worked – not.  Yes I pride myself at being quite technically advance as I deal with new fangled technology everyday as a film-maker; cameras, peripherals, sound kits, editing equipment – you name it I’m up on it.  Ok, ok I know its name and what it can do but I don’t know its inner workings.  Setting up a blog got me a lot closer to the inner workings of idiot proof interfaces.  I really didn’t want to know what went on behind the scenes but it has become a challenge.

In that spirit, The Mad Dogs And Englishmen post will be an update on the behind the scenes creation of this blog and all other technical machinations I may encounter in the future.


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