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11 Oct 2013 1 Comment

The buzz at this evening’s closing ceremony at the Beirut International Film Festival was palpable. A week long celebration of film ended with an award ceremony for the best short films and best documentaries. Having watched all the films as a member of the jury it was my great honour to read out the winners. Out Of The Darkness a documentary by Lebanese Sonia Habib won the gold Aleph statuette and Sanctity, a Saudi Arabian film by Ahd Kamel won best short film. I want to thank the organisers and most especially Ms Colette Naufal for allowing me to participate in this wonderful forum for Lebanese and regional films. It was refreshing to see a younger generation of film makers tackling tough subjects from rape to pleasure marriage and from revolution to the right to drive. Unfortunately due to the political instability plaguing us at the moment most of the winners could not attend the festival or pick up their prizes.




1 Jan 2012 4 Comments

It is the night of New Year’s Eve and all the house is silent.  The rooms are dark and I can see the lights flickering on the bays of Jounieh and Beirut from my arm-chair.  Then all is dark.  Ah yes it is 6 PM.  The room shakes, the glass rattles, I hear a roar, the lights flicker on, off, on again and die.  The engine roars, rolls and 60 seconds later we have lift off.  Where I live in Lebanon we have electricity four hours on and four to six hours off depending on whether the government power station is limping, lagging or PMSing on that particular day.  It is New Year’s Eve and you would think the government would be generous enough for 24 hour electricity on the this the last day of the year but I think maybe they are afraid that the year will go out with a bang.  Unfortunately not the big fireworks that we are so fond of here but rather the big bang of Lebanon’s electricity stations exploding under the pressure. But, our generator is powered up, the lights are on and my mother is insisting I see the suckling pig she is cooking for our New Year’s Eve dinner.  My mother lives above me and since the generator is on, the lift is off.  So I trudge up the stairs to stare at a suckling pig which took one hour to get into the oven.  Ovens today, it seems, are not built to cook suckling pigs. God but the smell is delicious. (more…)

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